Letʼs start with a big sincere “thank you” to all the amazing people we worked with over the year. We wouldn’t have accomplished half of what we did without you. From our client partners to our facilities management crew, to our expert production partners.

The jury’s still out, however, on how the history books will remember 2021. Did it try to outdo 2020 in terms of infamy or was it an improvement? Looking back, we’re in the “improvement” camp. In fact, ʼ21 was a big improvement over ʼ20 in several ways. Many of the big things that happened were documented in real-time on Instagram.

One of the standouts was our “give back” challenge, 52 Club. It started toward the tail end of 2020 and wrapped up one year later. Essentially, we challenged ourselves to live into our agency mission. There are 52 weeks in the year, so we set out to do one thing per week that used our talents and creativity to strengthen the community. You can watch the highlight reel on Instagram.

Another standout was our biweekly creativity-for-creativity’s-sake activity, UnClean Club. Every other week during happy hour, a clean staffer was tasked with issuing a time-limited creative challenge to the rest of us. The only rule was to ignore our agency mantra — Keep it simple. Make it beautiful. And significant. Most, if not all, of the results are documented on Instagram.

The last standout we wanted to mention is our work. In advertising, it’s easy to lose sight of all you accomplish in a year. We tend to remember work in terms of campaigns and forget the amount of work each one required. So, we thought, “Let’s cram all our work into a one-minute video.” So, we did and posted it… wait for it… on Instagram. If you want, you can watch the silent, horizontal version here.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2021, and here’s to an even wonderful-er 2022!