Lee Davis

Managing Director

Lee Davis, Managing Director, brings more than 25 years of experience at national firms including The Martin Agency, Wieden + Kennedy, and Publicis. In addition, he held leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson and has served global blue-chip clients such as Coca-Cola, Nike, T-Mobile, and Delta Airlines.

His motto? Simplifying the complex. Lee looks to distill a brand’s essence to a single truth and then works to bring that truth to life across every aspect of the business. He also believes that uncovering a brand’s unique voice is integral to setting it apart. These approaches are possible only if you have relationships that are built upon trust. And his work shows he’s pretty good at it.

On top of all that, he’s an outdoors enthusiast, a former college basketball star, a volunteer, a coach, and a father. He spends much of his time with his wife and three children and, of course, with his dog, Sadie.