Our team is at the heart of everything we do.


Our team is at the heart of everything we do.

our values

Keep it simple.
Live by the golden rule.
Work together.
Give back.
Hate drama.
Love what we do.

our people

Kitty Shanahan


“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view." -Atticus Finch
Leia Trotter

Group Business Supervisor

One day, Leia hopes to spice up her life by hosting her own cooking show.
Stephanie Livesay


Stephanie shares a birthday with her twin sister and her grandfather. Three’s a party!
Elise Karsten

Brand Strategist

From acrylics to oils, Elise loves experimenting with painting. Might we have the next Matisse or Van Gogh in the making?
Zak Thompson

Brand Strategist

Zak loves turtles. You’ll rarely catch him around the office without his trusty turtle mug.
Seth Johnson

Senior Project Manager

Fun fact: Seth is the only redhead on either side of his family.
Julianne Smith

Content Creative Director

During the 25 years Julianne has been married, she and her family have had 14 addresses in three states.
Steve May

IT Support Specialist

Steve needs only 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Although he would happily trade that talent for the ability to fly or control the weather.
Lindsay Weininger

New Business Manager

Lindsay hopes to appear on Wheel of Fortune. She has a talent for guessing the phrases before any letters are revealed!
Cara Toebbe


Cara considers herself “Type A Granola.” Free-spirited but on a schedule.
Andrew Lada

Senior Media Strategist

Andrew admits to a healthy obsession with limited-edition food. He has tried more than 30 Oreo flavors and confirms Fruity Crisp is #1.
Hannah Beckner

Group Business Coordinator

Hannah was a stunt double in the cheerleading movie, “At the Top of the Pyramid,” featuring Steve Guttenberg and Dean Cain.
MaryClaire Dawson


MaryClaire played a mouse in the magical Nutcracker ballet as a kid. In her design role at Clean, she’s still working that magic.
Anne Furukawa

Group Business Coordinator

When Anne was 11, she gave a new meaning to unaccompanied minor. She flew alone – all the way to Japan.
Brian Rogers

Senior Creative

Senior designer by day, drummer by night. If you’re looking to have a jam session, Brian’s your guy.
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