It could be causation or coincidence, but as vaccinations started going into arms, new business opportunities started appearing in our pipeline. Now, a few of those opportunities have converted to new client relationships.

One new client we’re honored to be working with is Voices Together. This nonprofit is dedicated to transforming the lives of people on the autism spectrum using a proprietary, evidence-based music therapy model developed by its founder and CEO, Yasmine White.

Another new client partner is the Town of Chapel Hill’s Office of Economic Development. We’re already well underway with one special project, but things have to stay under wraps for now. It won’t be long before the work appears in the real world. 

Finally, we have a few burgeoning beverage-related relationships. One is primarily focused on point-of-sale promotions for a few well-known beer brands. The other is focused on building awareness for a North Carolina-based bourbon distiller that is blowing away judges at competitions around the world.