When we were searching for a holiday gift for clients and friends of Clean, we wanted something that could help expand diversity, equity, and inclusion in our industry and help bring our agency mission to life. (As a refresher, our mission is to help build and strengthen our community through creativity.)

So, instead of sending bottles of wine, gourmet jelly club memberships, or posing for a goofy agency photo, we started a scholarship. Yep. From now on, students at Wake Tech can apply for the Clean Shine Scholarship. It covers a year’s tuition for one student pursuing an Associate of Arts certificate in Graphic Design and Advertising and is a natural extension of our Shine mentorship program started in July.

We planted a $9,000 seed in honor of our clients to get it rolling. That’s enough to cover three years of tuition. Anyone who would like to help expand the scholarship can make a tax-deductible donation to Wake Tech on behalf of the Clean Shine Scholarship.

Together we’ll do more than help students shine. We’ll help them rise.