Refreshed Identity and New Office Amps Up Simple, Beautiful Culture

Clean Advertising and Design is a full-strength agency known for creating work that is simple and beautiful, yet powerful enough to get rid of the most stubborn business challenges. After more than 20 years of helping clients prosper, Clean has unveiled its own refreshed brand and positioning, which better represent the firm’s identity today and its creative culture moving into the new decade.

“Keep it simple. Make it beautiful.” is the foundation for all that Clean stands for and creates. This “less, but better” approach is about stripping a brand to its core to produce value-driven work. Clean applies this philosophy to industries such as tourism, healthcare, technology, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, education, and more. While remaining rooted in traditional design, the agency has evolved its offerings to include strategy, research, advertising, brand design, digital design, production, experiential, media, and public relations.

Following his arrival in July 2019, Managing Partner Lee Davis initiated this overhaul to more accurately align the agency’s great work with its personality. “We are a family of creative individuals who thrive on collaboration. We’re passionate about solving real challenges, achieving measurable goals, and inspiring action, which are now reflected in our new brand,” he said. “I am extremely proud of our team as we reimagine the next era for our agency, clients, and partners.”

Fully embracing and capitalizing on the name “Clean” was a conscious decision. “We had the opportunity to alter the name but kept it as a nod to our design history while also celebrating our future with this modern iteration,” said Glen Fellman, Executive Creative Director. “With this decision, we are creating a new voice, positioning, and vibe for our own brand in everything from building signage to proposals.”

In addition to a scrubbed and shined website and agency collateral, the rebrand also includes a much-anticipated relocation from North Raleigh to downtown’s Boylan Heights neighborhood. “We wanted a fresh start in a new place that better embodied our agency culture,” Fellman continued. “Our new home has great indoor and outdoor spaces that invite conversation and spark fresh thinking. It’s a more intimate and connected environment loaded with personality that will benefit our agency, clients, and partners.”