press release

Clean Design Launches New Podcast

Clean Design today announced the launch of “Free Lunch,” a new podcast series focused on the hot topics in today’s media industry. “Free Lunch” was established by the agency’s media team as a new platform for the award-winning branding + advertising agency to communicate trends and industry developments with clients, employees, and the public. Associate Director of Media Strategy Mike Manganillo and Media Planner Steve Kelly will host the weekly show, available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and other podcast apps.

Episodes will run about 30 minutes and feature conversations on influencer marketing, social media, video streaming, and other topics affecting best marketing practices. Guests will include agency staffers as well as clients, publishers, and industry influencers, all discussing their perspectives and experiences with media. The show’s guests get to choose their own free lunch prior to the recording.

The first episode covers the subject of podcasts themselves, focusing on how advertising plays into the user’s experience. Other podcasts focus on social media and the role of influencer marketing, with Clean Design’s own experts leading the conversation.

“The media team wanted to develop a fun way of information sharing to internal and external audiences,” said Manganillo. “In today’s world of nonstop emails, a podcast provides an innovative and unique way of communicating, as we’ve seen a shift towards digital content in the industry.”

To listen to episodes of Clean Design’s “Free Lunch,” click here.