With a name like Clean, one would expect us to go about our business in a more environmentally responsible way. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Clean is a certified “Green Place to Work.”

With the help of Green Places, we calculated our carbon footprint and the cost to offset it through the purchase of carbon credits. Our credits get pooled with those of other certified businesses and are invested in various green projects fighting climate change. By pooling resources, we’re able to have a greater positive impact than if we were to go it alone.

The decision to be as “clean and green” an agency as possible isn’t just about living into our name. It’s another way to live into our mission: to build and strengthen our community through creativity.

As an advertising agency, we strengthen our community when we use creativity to deliver work that helps our clients achieve their objectives. Whether for-profit or not-for-profit. As a green agency, we strengthen our community when we use creativity to find ways to minimize our environmental impact and improve the quality of life for our family, friends, and neighbors.

And every new client partnership is another opportunity for us to do both. To learn more about Green Places and get your small business certified, go to greenplacestowork.com.