press release

Clean Aims to Destigmatize Mental Illness with Multimedia, Multisensory Experience

RALEIGH, N.C. (February 1, 2018) – Clean, an award-winning integrated branding agency, is proud to announce a yearlong pro bono engagement with Club Nova, a North Carolina 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves individuals with serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. In My Mind, a multimedia, multisensory website experience, gives users an empirical exploration of mental illness, taking them from symptom onset to recovery at Club Nova. From design to development, this interactive site at took over a year to develop, with Clean donating $250,000 in time and resources in the effort to help destigmatize mental illness.

In My Mind offers four potential story paths, each immersing the user in the mind of someone of similar age and presenting choices of how to handle new and disruptive symptoms commonly experienced by those with mental illness. Throughout the interaction, the user has the option to get help at various stages. While family and friends are critical to diagnosis and healing, users may find that some decisions push that support away. As the users’ symptoms worsen, the site shifts. Sound design and abstract video for the unique narratives create visceral reactions to the building tension, including blurriness and confusion.

Once the user reaches the end of the experience, he or she will get to explore the paths to recovery within Club Nova. When users are introduced to Club Nova, the site gets brighter and more peaceful, conveying feelings of hope and acceptance. The user learns more about daily life at Club Nova and sees different jobs and activities members participate in to promote productivity and healing. Finally, the site features four video testimonials from Club Nova members, giving firsthand accounts of how Club Nova is supporting them in their battles with mental illness.

One in 25 adults in the U.S. are living with a serious mental illness. Although symptoms are difficult to face alone, it can be even harder to ask for help. For those who do seek help, Club Nova offers a community for members to work and socialize, gaining confidence and independence. The impact of Club Nova is dramatic and includes reduced rates of unemployment, homelessness, and incarcerations of members as compared with statistics typical within this population.

“We are beyond grateful to Clean for their commitment to Club Nova and our mission of serving those living wtih a mental illness,” said Karen Kincaid Dunn, executive director at Club Nova. “In My Mind is a great asset for Club Nova to not only help tell our story but give others a feel for how mental illness can affect a person and their relationships.”

“We are incredibly proud of this interactive website and honored to showcase the great work Club Nova is doing in the community,” said Scott Scaggs, chief creative officer at Clean. “We hope In My Mind is a step in the right direction to foster empathy and decrease the stigma around mental illness.”