As an ad agency, we’re supposed to string together a bunch of words in an effort to convince potential clients that Clean is different from every other agency.

Candidly, we don’t know what every other agency is saying, so who are we to say that we’re that different. After all, we don’t have a Process™, we don’t employ cultural anthropologists, and our space wasn’t designed by a psychological architect (if that’s even a thing).

What we do know is that we’re a family of creative individuals who thrive on collaboration. We’re passionate about doing great work that solves real challenges, achieves goals, and inspires action. Frankly, we just give a damn. (Another four-letter word came to mind, but we are in the South.)

But perhaps you’re thinking, “With a name like Clean, they’ve got to have some kind of special formula.”

You’re right. And that formula is…

We practice what we preach through…

We help our clients shine.

Meet the clean-up crew.

Lee Davis

Managing Partner

Leticia Naylor


Stephanie Livesay


Cara Toebbe


Elise Karsten

Brand Strategist

Zak Thompson

Brand Strategist

Brian Rogers

Senior Creative

MaryClaire Dawson


Leia Trotter

Group Business Supervisor

Alice Brady

Creative Director

Jon Parker

Creative Director

Kitty Shanahan


Glen Fellman

VP/Executive Creative Director

Jessica Herrschaft

Group Business Director

Chris Gevertz

Director of People

Julianne Smith

Senior Creative

Jay Keim

Associate Director of Project Management

Sarah Bruckner

Associate Director of Public Relations

Victoria Kearns

Group Business Director

Andrew Lada

Senior Media Strategist

Seth Johnson

Senior Project Manager

Steve May

Director of IT

Steve Paladino

Chief Financial Officer

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