Over the past year, we stayed pretty quiet about the changes at Clean and our mission as an advertising and design agency in Raleigh, North Carolina. Probably because there were more important things happening in the world. And because we were just trying to keep our doors open while so many others around us shuttered.

The other reason is that our agency was going through a transition and the new Clean mission had yet to be figured out.

During our rebranding in March of last year, we created a mantra to guide how we work.

But we needed to get a handle on our “why.” So we took a deep breath and looked back at 2020. When we did, we realized there was something unifying us and keeping us engaged as we bounced back and forth from virtual work to a mostly empty office, and back again.

We just couldn’t define it.

With the holidays behind us, a new year in front of us, and clearer heads in place, we decided to straight up ask everyone in the agency, “Why, beyond a paycheck and benefits, do you work at Clean?” The answers were as varied as the 21 individuals who work here, but two themes emerged: the community of people we work with, for, and among, and the opportunity to use creativity to overcome challenges. We took the notions of community and creativity and molded them into a mission that spoke to who we really are as an agency. One that we felt would resonate with the people we engage with every day inside, and outside, of the agency. And it’s as simple as our mantra.

“Creativity” – we are curious spirits and idea generators who know the power of creativity. Whether using it to overcome a challenge, solve a problem, or inspire action, we believe creativity has the power to bring people together.

“Community” – we live and work in North Carolina. So we’ve made the conscious decision to focus our attention here. Our community starts with Clean and our neighborhood of Boylan Heights. It expands out to Raleigh, to the Triangle, to the Mountains and to the Coast. Why have we chosen to focus on businesses based in North Carolina? Because we feel a commitment to grow and strengthen the place we call home — our community. And the vast majority of companies we work with, while they may have global reach, also call North Carolina home.

So, if you’re a business in North Carolina, please reach out. We’d like nothing better than to put our creativity to work strengthening your part of our community.

Author: Lee Davis, Head of Agency