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5 Ways Agency Producers Help Marketers Kick Ass

Evolving technology and the blurring lines of industries have forced marketers to lead with creativity and engagement to meet and exceed business goals and key metrics.

At the same time, the main challenge facing C-suite executives from all fields is the same: how to achieve growth through systemic industry change. From healthcare to technology and from energy to tourism, change is the only constant.

Now, more than ever, brand stories need to be told – authentically, on time, and on budget.

Enter Susan Lacney, executive producer at Clean. Her significant experience in pre- and post- production, combined with her favorite mamma bear aspects of her role, contributes to the unwavering success of client projects.

Since joining Clean, Susan has produced work for Vidant Health, the North Carolina Zoo, and Chapel Hill. In addition, she brings more than 20 years of industry experience with national brands that include Travelocity, ESPN, and CarMax, among others.

“Marketers are under increased demands to create more content for an ‘always on’ consumer,” said Susan. “And the way people digest content has changed. We’ve seen an uptick in multipurpose content for use as web series, podcasts, video gamification, and experiential campaigns.”

Having a highly capable producer enables clients to build value from such multipurpose content.

“Most people do not know the value producers bring to a project in terms of proactive planning, strategy, and maximizing budget,” Susan said. “The types of content we develop have changed, in lockstep with the way people consume this content.”

This dynamic shift places the role of an agency producer as a central person to help create outcomes and deliverables that help our clients grow.

Here are five ways producers help marketers be rock stars, according to Susan:

Solution Mindset: In the producer’s mind, there is no room for confusion or deception or insincerity about an issue or idea or challenge. The way to keep campaigns moving forward is to be realistic and encourage teams to approach the project with a perspective rooted in “how can we make that idea happen.” Producers discern situations and provide solutions. Period.

Collaborative Connector: Effective producers bring a realistic positivity that keeps the decision-makers and broader teams focused, aligned, and ready to collaborate. The central role positions the producer as the eyes and ears of the production.

Budget Wrangler: Did you know that talent fees, location fees, and usage rights could add time and money to a project? Producers do. Agency producers help guide clients through these crucial decisions that involve often-overlooked details.

Wait. Why?: Producers help clients align the project approach with the “why” of the business goal. “Often, clients see an interesting piece of content and call to say, ‘How do we do that?’ ” Susan said. Does a certain piece of content fit with a business goal, or is it just cool? Producers help clients focus on the business outcome and explore choices more authentically aligned with their brand.

Concentrated Storytellers: Once the footage is shot, it’s up to the production team to tell the story – sometimes in mere seconds or minutes. The producer is one of the few constants throughout a campaign and thrives when working collaboratively with editors, copywriters, and creatives to guide the project to completion.

When Susan is not guiding clients through the production process or otherwise making it happen, she is loving on Emma and Beau, her rescue dogs, and volunteering as a foster mom with local rescue organizations. Although she originally wanted to be a broadcast journalist (shoutout to Tom Brokaw), she says she is constantly humbled by, inspired by, and proud of being part of Clean.

Clean Executive Producer Susan Lacney was interviewed by Kiersten Williams, Director of Public Relations at Clean.